Get Smart by Axios

A series of free, short video courses by Axios to get you smarter on the major topics and trends shaping the world.

October 2021 - 3 videos

Get Smart: Space

Our series of three, five-minute videos about the modern space age: why it matters for global geopolitics, how the space economy is growing, and what it means for understanding climate change.

August 2021 - 3 videos

Get Smart: SPACs and Going Public

Our series of three, five-minute videos about companies going public: how it works, what you should know about SPACs, and why it’s so important that companies can efficiently list their stock on public exchanges.


May 2021 - 5 videos

Get Smart: Climate Tech

Our series of five-minute videos about climate technologies: where they stand, how they could help combat climate change, and what’s next for the energy industry.

Feb 2021 - 5 videos

Get Smart: Vaccines

Our five-minute video series from Axios reporters about vaccines: How they work, how they're tested and distributed, and where vaccine technology is headed.

Oct 2020 - 5 videos

Get Smart: 5G

Our five-minute video series about 5G technology: How it works, why it matters, and how it will change the way we live.

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