May 28, 2024 - Food and Drink

Try SLC's Dough Lady for shockingly good cinnamon rolls

A hot roll in a pan with frosting, a spatula and a spoon.

When you need a spoon for orange rolls, you know they're good. Photo: Erin AlbertyAxios

If you haven't yet tried Dough Lady's take-and-bake rolls, it's time for some reflection.

My thought bubble: Cinnamon rolls are, historically, the most disappointing baked good since humans cultivated wheat.

  • Typically dry, with never the right amount of cinnamon, they are most famous for smelling better than they taste.

Yes, but: Dough Lady's formula fixes all of that with a big dousing of cream before the buns go in the oven.

How it works: Order online for delivery or pick-up, keep 'em frozen until a couple hours before eating, quick-thaw in the oven, and bake for 20-30 minutes as instructed.

  • Cost: $18-$20 for four.

The bottom line: My family has tried three different flavors, and they're unquestionably the best cinnamon rolls any of us has ever tasted.


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