May 20, 2024 - News

☀️ Chart du jour: Our warming temperatures

Bar chart comparing average annual temperature change between 1970 and 2023 for Salt Lake City, Utah and the U.S. Average temperature has changed by 3.8°F in Salt Lake City compared to 2.9°F for Utah and 2.6°F for the U.S.
Data: Climate Central; Chart: Axios Visuals

Salt Lake City's average annual temperature between 1970 and 2023 rose 3.8° F, according to a recent Climate Central analysis. That's nearly a degree higher than the national average.

The big picture: All 50 states and nearly all 241 U.S. cities that the group analyzed have warmed since 1970.

  • Alaska (+4.3° F), Delaware (+3.6° F) and Massachusetts (+3.5° F) are the country's fastest-warming states.
  • Reno, Nevada, (+7.6° F); Las Vegas (+5.7° F) and El Paso, Texas, (+5.4° F) were the fastest-warming cities over that time.

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