Jul 3, 2023 - Culture

Ogden has claimed to be more fun than Salt Lake City for at least 143 years

A Fourth of July event notice. Image: The Daily Ogden Junction, July 3, 1980 via Utah Digital Newspapers

We're going back in time for Old News — a chance to step into history and see what was happening 'round these parts back in the day.

  • Big props to the Marriott Library and Utah Digital Newspapers for their wonderful archive!

The "latest": The big news on July 3 almost every year is the coming holiday, and in 1880 pretty much every town did it up with fireworks, bands, speeches, parades and "quoits" — some sort of ring toss.

The intrigue: Ogden's "Glorious Fourth" at a place called Jones' Grove appears to have been a biggie, with notices in other cities' newspapers. But the version in The Daily Ogden Junction has an extra note at the bottom:

  • "OGDEN GROVES versus Salt Lake Sage Brush!"

Threat level: Has Ogden been claiming to be a better party town than Salt Lake City all the way back since 1880?!

Erin's reality check: It's unclear what that note is about. Salt Lake's festivities were centered around Fort Douglas and had fireworks and bands, too. But it did look pretty sage-brushy back then.

  • In my mind, Ogden was being her spicy ol' self. And we love her for it.

🎇 Happy 4th of July to all of you, from Snowville to the Four Corners!


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