Mar 28, 2024 - Sports

A tarot card reader predicts the Phillies' 2024 future

Illustration of a hand hold a baseball themed tarot card.

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As hope springs anew for Phillies fans at the start of another season, I reached out to someone who could offer deeper insight into what's to come.

Yes, I got a tarot reading from Lexa Lizzi of Philly's South Street Circle about what to expect from the team this year.

  • Lizzi's been practicing for over 30 years and specializes in tarot readings, astrology and reiki.

☝️ Disclaimer: This tarot card reading is for entertainment purposes only.

Here are the highlights:

🔮 What to expect: The Phillies have lots of luck and energy around them based on imagination and spirituality, Lizzi saw in the cards.

  • The team is working hard to achieve success, but she expected them to face lots of struggles.
  • She also saw the energies of Jupiter and Neptune around the Phillies, meaning they must find "balance between the spirit and the physical world."

🥊 Top challengers: The Arizona Diamondbacks will be among the main obstacles for the Phils this season, Lizzi found, along with the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals.

🏟️ On fans: As the fans go, so goes the team, she says.

  • The Phillies have a strong symbiotic relationship with fans: the team feeds off what the fans give — for better or worse.
  • "It's not just the team on the field, but the fans' emotional energy," Lizzi says. "The energy that the fans give to the Phillies is also what's going to be on the field."

⚠️ Yes, but: Fans should prepare for sacrifices and guard against "what they give up to gain something new," she warned.

♠️ On Bryce Harper: Lizzi saw cards that show he's "all aces" in the physical world and in the space where he's always wanted to be, Lizzi says.

  • While potential challenges lie ahead for Harper, the cards show he's striving to improve.

ğŸŽ¶ On the team's muse: Whether the Phillies' anthem of the past two years, "Dancing On My Own," returns this season is unknown.

  • But Lizzi saw in the cards a strong sense of music and communication.
  • "Whatever the music or muse is will bring success between team and fans," she predicted.

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