May 31, 2024 - Sports

📣 Does Dallas have bad fans?

A photo of Dallas Stars fans cheering

We actually think Dallas Stars fans are the best in town. Photo: Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Mavs aren't quite the best NBA road team, but they're close — especially after last night.

  • The Stars have the best road record in the NHL this season. And, the Rangers had an 11-game winning streak on the road last season, ending with their World Series win.

Why it matters: We, the fans, are starting to feel a little bad watching our teams struggle to win in front of us.

State of cheer: The Rangers have their ring, largely because of road wins.

  • The Mavs and Stars have generally been more clutch on the road, even though the AAC has been packed with cheering Dallas fans.

Context: The Stars dropped their first two playoff games at home before shocking the Vegas Golden Knights there.

Meanwhile: The Mavs have the second-best road record during the playoffs, behind the, ahem, Boston Celtics.

Yes, but: The Dallas Cowboys were terrible on the road last season. At least Jerry can boast about home wins.

The bottom line: Do Dallas sports fans … suck? Or, do our Dallas sports heroes relish being hated on the road?

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