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Agenda Mailbag: 35 quick feedback letters on Barpay app, airport singing lady, float spa and Pinterest-worthy house

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: Have you met the No. 1 happiest person in Charlotte? She works in Concourse E at the airport

We should find the most unhappiest person at the airport next. Much more compelling journalism there.” – Z

“OMG, she’s so sweet. I work for an airline and see her like three days a week. She’s always sooo happy and positive.” – S

“She is so happy and lights up the place with her personality. My one-year-old was being grouchy and she started to sing to her and it made her smile so big! Her happiness is definitely contagious. Keep it up!” – B

“Concourse E is the worst of them all, it’s good she there to bring a little happiness to everyone.” – A

“She is seriously the best. Makes an early morning a lot brighter and happier for delirious travelers like myself.” – S

“If I was her coworker I’d last 5 minutes before I tell her to shut her trap.” – A

“We need to get Ms. Sharon featured on here at the Harris Teeter on South Blvd.”- M

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a 29-year-old preschool teacher’s $30,000 salary

“She’s paying X percent on her credit card for interest while making X percent on her savings. She’s not optimizing her dollars. I totally get the need for savings but it might make sense to pay down the credit card first, because she’s losing money with the disparity in interest rates.” – H 

“This is a sad reality.” – C

In response to: I own a Tesla and this is what it’s like to drive an electric car in Charlotte

“I love driving my Tesla around charlotte, never had any issue charging and I’m commuting from Gastonia currently. Charlotte is becoming more electric-car friendly, but there’s absolutely room for much more improvement.” – K

In response to: Grade yourself: How Charlotte Millennial are you?

“2 and proud of it.” – E

“Charlotte millennials, oh the love/hate we feel for you. But, I scored an 11. And was literally listening to Old Town Road today trying to figure out why it’s popular. So, I’ve got to give you this one.” – J

“I love millennials, they love to over-pay for services while they bemoan income inequality. Thanks for funding my retirement.” – A

In response to: Before and after: Check out this Pinterest-worthy, cottage-inspired home on Hillside Avenue

“Dream house. OMG.” – V

“Absolutely gorgeous! I applaud the team behind the labor!” – B

“It’s beautiful, but… white exterior, white kitchen, white living room, white hallways, white bedrooms, white bathrooms, white furniture, white-on-white-on-white-on-white… someone’s afraid of color. BORING!” – T

In response to: Cookie delivery company backed by Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick opening 3 Charlotte locations

“Been ordering cookies from Tiff’s since their pop-up shop opened in late May. So good!” – B

“For bachelorette night.” – L

In response to: Van Landingham Estate in Plaza Midwood will be restored — expect additional retail and office space

“Wish it was getting torn down in favor of a Shake Shack.” – J

“Am glad they are going to preserve it and not tear it down like they do so many places in Charlotte!” – S

“One of my first jobs and know this property very well, worked a million weddings at this venue for many years throughout college. Looking forward to seeing what it becomes!” – B

in response to: Barpay, the app that lets you order and pay for drinks from your phone, launched this week in Charlotte

“As a bartender – EFF THAT NOISE! Guests are already aggressive enough with queues at the bar during peak hours (because your drinks and long orders take longer than you realize., BTW please just keep your tab open). Now I’m to make drinks like I’m a fast food window??? And what about when these very busy people are delayed in their arrival and their pre-made drinks are now watered down because they took too long to pick up said drinks and their ice is melting, or their beer is no longer cold?” – M

“Game changer!” – K

“This will be handy at Sycamore!” – R

“This is genius!” – E

“Is the data admissible in court?” – M

“The reason this works in coffee shops is because they have a separate area for mobile order pickups, and designated extra staff working on those specific orders. You don’t rush the counter at a coffee shop like you do a bar, and you certainly don’t stand in line at a bar. Unless these bars are preparing to revamp their layout with separate mobile order pickup areas, and hire extra staff to take care of them, this is just a s***show waiting to happen. The instant gratification/zero patience mentality of society these days is getting out of hand.” – M

“This was probably developed by a guy who’s never worked a busy ass bar ever. So, three deep of people at the bar, waiting patiently to order their drinks. Instead of being able to make those drinks, bartenders are making drinks for someone who’s not even around. They have to push their way through a crowd of people to get to their drink, who’s now pissed they’re getting skipped. The bartender, who’s in the weeds, is pissed since they not only have to find the mystery drink person, but also listen South End Chad b**** that he was skipped and he’s going to stiff the tip. Sounds like fun… My 4 years of sobriety looks better and better everyday. Also, if you’re too impatient to wait on a drink, and think those new hangover energy drinks are the cure, you might want to look at your alcoholism. Just sayin.” – J

In response to: New float spa allows guests to float naked inside a pitch black dark pod for 60 minutes

“Stranger Things wants their sensory tank back.” – S

“My husband and I went this past weekend and it was AMAZING! Truly like nothing else I have experienced. We used a Groupon for our first float and are now members.” – C

“It’s so relaxing.” – P

“Epsom salts in the dark. I can do this at home practically for free with ear plugs and eye shades.” – D

In response to: 15 best brunch spots in Charlotte, plus what to order at each

“You cannot be serious. What about littlespoon makes you feel like you aren’t in Charlotte? Let’s see, a place with subpar biscuits, full of preppy white people that value proximity over quality, a faux-hip aesthetic, and…that’s it. This post reads like the writer is either being paid by the restaurant, has never traveled farther than Fort Mill, or doesn’t have access to the internet.” – O

“Charlotte needs way more brunch spots.” – M

In response to: See inside Katrina and Bruce Moffett’s renovated home in Barclay Downs

“That 11-foot tall Queen Elizabeth painting is a statement piece and I respect it.” – J

“I expected Moffet to have an A+ kitchen, but the kitchen was even more thoughtful than I expected. Can they please invite me over for dinner? Haha.” – A

In response to: Blind Date: 23-year-old teacher goes to a show at Belk Theater with a 24-year-old Charlotte native

“We need more guys (or maybe just a new batch) in Charlotte.” – A

“Sitting through a show on a blind date feels so awkward to me. It’s not like they’re 60-years-old. Just send them to Sycamore and give them all you can drink IPAs! It would yield better (and more normal) results.” – F

In response to: Optimist Hall opening August 1 — see details on the highly-anticipated food hall’s 19 vendors

“No Shake Shack, no go.” – J

“The tenant lineup is insanely cool (great mix too). I’m thrilled about this project and it will be a huge win for Charlotte.” – W

“Finally! I don’t have to chase the dumpling lady all around Charlotte anymore! – J

“Looks more like Oxbow Public Market in Napa Valley and nothing like Ponce City Market in Atlanta.” – M


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