Feb 27, 2022 - Technology

Google Maps temporarily disables live traffic data in Ukraine

A column of army trucks moves across the town of Armyansk, northern Crimea. Early on February 24.

A column of Russian army trucks moves across the town of Armyansk, northern Crimea, on Thursday. Photo: Sergei Malgavko/TASS via Getty Images

Google Maps has temporarily disabled some of its tools in Ukraine following the Russian military's invasion of the country, a spokesperson confirmed Sunday.

Driving the news: Following consultation from local authorities, the tech giant disabled tools that provide live details on traffic conditions and how busy places like stores are in order to help ensure the safety of Ukrainian communities, Reuters first reported.

  • Traffic information for people using the app for navigation is still available, a Google Maps spokesperson confirmed.

The big picture: The action comes a day after a Ukrainian government agency said it's removing road signs across the country in order to confuse invading Russian forces.

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