Dec 27, 2017 - Economy

Cokie and Steven Roberts share their relationship secrets

Cokie and Steven Roberts meet Corrine Conte in 1993. Photo: Maureen Keating / CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

"Cokie and Steven Roberts: A Half-Century of Changing Together," as part of a new N.Y. Times feature, "It's No Secret," highlighting couples who share thoughts about commitment and what they have learned.

The gift of perspective:, from Cokie "I wasn't always able to appreciate him; and he, me. We've learned to do that more now that we're old."

  • More from Cokie: "We also had the advantage of having the same job. We would both be at the Capitol covering stories, then drive home together and get rid of that whole conversation in the car that married people have, so when we got home we were available to our children."
  • Steve: "Biting your tongue is often the right reaction to a moment of passing anger. Candor is overrated. I don't mean deception or secrets. I mean real mutual respect, which leads to being gentle, loving, cautious and careful at times. It leads to being silent and having self-restraint."
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