What companies know about you

Series / What They Know About You

What Apple knows about you

Illustration of a lone figure standing in the center of an Apple shaped spotlight
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Apple pitches itself as the most privacy-minded of the big tech companies, and indeed it goes to great lengths to collect less data than its rivals. Nonetheless, the iPhone maker will still know plenty about you if you use many of its services: In particular, Apple knows your billing information and all the digital and physical goods you have bought from it, including music, movie and app purchases.

A different approach: But even for heavy users, Apple uses a number of techniques to either minimize how much data it has or encrypt it so that Apple doesn't have access to iMessages and similar personal communications.

Series / What They Know About You

What Axios knows about you

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Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

If you are a reader of Axios, either through our website or newsletters, we've collected some information about you.

Why it matters: We've written extensively about the data collection practices of big tech platforms. Media companies make money from free, ad-supported content and, in some cases, reader subscriptions — both of which require some level of data collection. Since we're turning this lens on so many other companies, we want to do our best to turn it on ourselves as well.