Mapbox CEO vows changes after "disgusting act" of vandalism

Mapbox-powered Snap Maps
Mapbox is used to power a number of sites and apps, including Snap Maps, seen here. Photo: Snapchat

Mapbox CEO Eric Gundersen told Axios the company will implement more protections for its data after a "disgusting act" of vandalism led its maps to briefly label New York City as "Jewtropolis."

Why it matters: Mapbox, a highly-touted startup, powers maps for Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder and other major apps.

Mapbox corrects anti-Semitic relabeling of New York City

Photo via Snap Maps

Users of Snap Maps, readers of the Weather Channel, and other consumers of mapping data provided by Mapbox were startled to see New York City relabeled "Jewtropolis" for a few hours Thursday morning, before the service removed the change.

The big picture: Mapbox, like most digital mapping services, allows the public to suggest corrections and updates. In this case, the service said in a statement, automated systems flagged the change but human review failed. Earlier this week, Google Maps briefly showed the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. as renamed after the late Sen. John McCain — a move under discussion but not yet approved.