Feb 7, 2024 - Culture

Axios New Orleans hosts King Cake Baby happy hour

A gif of King Cake Baby dancing in front of balloons that spell AXIOS.
It's really wild that we got away with hosting this event. Image: Chelsea Brasted/Axios

If you didn't make it to our Urban South happy hour on Tuesday, then you really missed a great event.

  • Dreams were lived out. Kids were scared. Selfies were snapped.

Why it matters: We had a blast hosting Axios New Orleans readers, snapping selfies and debating whether King Cake Baby is cute or creepy.

  • Consensus: both.
Two people pose for a photo with King Cake Baby while a line forms to take more selfies.
Readers waited patiently for their chance to meet the night's star. Photo: Chelsea Brasted/Axios

It'd be hard to pick the readers who seemed most excited to join us.

  • Was it Steve, who told me that meeting King Cake Baby was an actual bucket-list item?
  • Or was it Jessi and Dan, who brought a framed photo, in which they are captured nine years ago smiling on their wedding day ... with King Cake Baby?

It also happened to be my one-year work anniversary at Axios.

  • Thanks for celebrating with me!
  • As reader Jacob said on his way out the door, it was the stuff of dreams and nightmares.
A scenic shot of Urban South, which is crowded as people hang out underneath balloons that say AXIOS.
It was really so nice to meet all of you! Photo: Chelsea Brasted/Axios
A woman holds up a framed wedding photo and poses. In the photo, she and her husband are seen on their wedding day posing with king cake baby.
Look closely for a shot of Jessi's wedding photo featuring King Cake Baby. Photo: Chelsea Brasted/Axios

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