Jan 9, 2023 - Food and Drink

Best Atlanta restaurants for non-alcoholic drinks

Illustration of a neon sign reading DRY, with a martini for a Y, lighting up.

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Thomas here. Tired of day-after headaches and the shock of seeing bar tabs that would fund a small army?

  • Let's talk about Dry January!

Catch up quick: I put ye ole plug in the jug roughly 16 years ago. Since then, I have never come up short in Atlanta when looking for non-alcoholic drinks at dinner that taste good.

Yes, and: More and more options are becoming available every year.

Here are good spots to find a zero-proof drink — I don't call 'em "mocktails" and I'll fight ya on this — around town.

🍸 Southern Belle: The most recent addition to the Poncey-Highland restaurant's option-filled list of zero-proof drinks: Frisky Business. "Rum-ish. Orgeat. Lime. Pineapple Soda."

🥃 Lyla Lila: Try out the Eight Line Poem (ginger, sherry vinegar, lime oleo, orange) or Pomp and Pride (espresso, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, tonic).

🍹 Storico Vino: The Buckhead Village wine bar has headache-free negronis, amaretti sours and a spiced pineapple fizz.

Of note: I'll often ask the bartender to make something with soda, lemon and "spice" or "heat." Think of it as a surprise.

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