May 10, 2022 - Things to Do

How to find friends in a transient city like Atlanta

Illustration of two mugs, one with the word "best" and the other with the word "friends" on their sides

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Our eagle-eyed editor Kayla spotted this Reddit thread about how to make adult friends in Georgia. And it's got some gems.

Breaking news: Making adult friends can be hard.

Here are some ideas for OP from friendly Reddit users:

Don't want a commute? Talk to your neighbors. That's how Emma found her Atlanta friend group!

Of note: "It's the south. Talking to the people in the grocery line seems to be a good way to make friends" — wisdom from AuroraGrace123.

The bottom line from slothspiritanimal: "Say yes even if you are feeling lazy, or it feels too far to drive, or it's not your most favorite activity. Say yes enough, and be a good person, and I pretty much guarantee you will make friends. And then you can say no if you want to just stay home and binge Netflix."


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