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Series / What They Know About You

What the internet knows about you

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Any search engine can quickly reveal your phone number, address and family information with a surprising level of detail.

  • It can be instantly culled on the open web from sites like White Pages and Spokeo.

Why it matters: This information, combined with social media posts, can be used by anyone to intimidate, harass, or stalk high-visibility people like politicians, business leaders, celebrities and journalists.

Mississippi Senate runoff: live results

Data: Associated Press; Chart: Axios Visuals

Mississippi voters will fill the remaining vacant Senate seat Tuesday in a runoff between Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and her Democratic challenger, Mike Espy. The race went to a runoff when neither candidate managed to reach 50 percent on November 6th.

The big picture: Hyde-Smith would be the first woman elected to represent the state in Congress but has only a slight lead. Espy would be Mississippi's first African-American senator since Reconstruction. The winner will serve the remaining two years of Senator Thad Cochran’s term and have to run again in 2020.

Here's where jobs will be lost when robots drive trucks

Truck drivers will be some of the first people to lose jobs as automation technology spreads.

A push by companies like Uber to automate heavy trucks through a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics raises questions for millions of drivers brought into the profession by the promise of a steady job. Will they be employed behind the wheel five years from now? Or will robots be doing it instead?

And if you think this is a niche problem, think again. The impact of self-driving trucks would be felt in communities around the country — especially Trump country.

Data: Bureau of Labor Statistics