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Eric Swalwell on the issues, in under 500 words

Eric Swalwell talks to a reporter
California Rep. Eric Swalwell (D). Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Eric Swalwell announced he's running for president on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in April. The California congressman is structuring his campaign around gun safety, partnering with a Parkland shooting survivor and pledging to take on the National Rifle Association.

"Most Americans believe that to be free of gun violence, we should take the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people."
— Swalwell said in his campaign video.

Iran says it will top nuclear deal's uranium stockpile limit in 10 days

Iran's Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power station. Photo: IIPA via Getty Images

Iran announced Monday that it will break uranium stockpile limits set under the 2015 nuclear deal within the next 10 days, the AP reports.

Why it matters: The move, coming at a time of escalating tensions with the U.S., further jeopardizes a deal that European nations have worked to save after President Trump's decision last year to pull the U.S. out and impose economic sanctions that threw Iran's economy into a tailspin. President Hassan Rouhani has warned Europe that Iran will continue to increase its enrichment unless a new deal is reached by July 7, per the AP.

Pete Buttigieg raised $7 million in April

Pete Buttigieg
2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg. Photo: Dustin Chambers/Getty Images

Pete Buttigieg's 2020 campaign raised $7 million in April, reports Politico.

Why it matters: The South Bend, Indiana mayor saw his national profile skyrocket in the first half of 2019, launching into the top tier of Democratic presidential hopefuls — and his fundraising numbers show that popularity surge is backed by a significant cash influx.