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Costco makes big food court change with new cookies

Costco Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Costco has started adding a new cookie to its U.S. food courts. Photo: Kelly Tyko/Axios

A mammoth double chocolate chunk cookie is rolling out to Costco food courts and replacing the fan-favorite twisted churro.

Why it matters: The new treat has mixed reviews among loyal Costco members who take the food court menu and free samples seriously.

The big picture: The "all butter" cookie with bittersweet and semisweet chocolate has been spotted at clubs across the country and is expected to arrive in all U.S. clubs by the end of January.

  • The cookie sells for $2.49, $1 more than the churro and 50 cents more than a slice of pizza.
  • The mainstay inflation-proof hot dog-soda combo continues to sell for $1.50 and an 18-inch pizza for $9.95.

Axios taste test: We bought cookies from two South Florida clubs to try out and each weighed about 6 ounces.

  • The cookies are served warm, smell like they're fresh-baked and have gooey melted chocolate. We tasted one cookie hours after buying and one warm — and advise eating it warm.
  • Hot tip: We reheated a cookie in the oven for a few minutes to replicate the freshly baked taste and weren’t disappointed.

Be smart: Oh sweet calories. The whole cookie has 750 calories, 100 more than a slice of pepperoni pizza and 200 more than ice cream cup.

  • A few Reddit users who ate the whole cookie quickly said they felt sick while one user pointed out, "That's usually what happens when you consume 750 calories of fat and sugar in 5 minutes."
  • Other users said they were sharing the cookies or eating a quarter of it at a time.
Costco food court menu sign
The new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie costs $2.49 while Costco's popular hot dog combo costs $1.50. Photo: Kelly Tyko/Axios

Flashback: Around the pandemic in March 2020, Costco shook up its food court menu and limited its offerings.

  • Costco has been adding new or refreshed items with higher prices, such as the $6.99 chicken Caesar salad and $9.99 roast beef sandwich.
  • Fans constantly ask Costco to bring back its combo pizza on social media.

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