Dec 10, 2023 - Politics & Policy

Cheney: Americans "can’t count” on GOP in Congress to defend the constitution

The current Republican majority serving in the House can't be trusted to defend the constitution, former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) warned during an interview on ABC's "This Week" that aired Sunday.

Driving the news: Cheney is among several potential 2024 contenders weighing third-party bids for the White House, though critics worry that such bids could help hand the election to former President Trump.

  • Speaking about the 2024 candidate slate, which already includes several independent bids, Cheney highlighted the existence of a "fractured electorate."
  • ABC's Jonathan Karl, in turn, pointed out that a fractured electorate could translate to no single candidate emerging victorious in the electoral college, which would throw the election to the House of Representatives, which currently boasts a Republican majority.

State of play: This possibility underscores the "crucially important" need to "elect candidates who believe in the constitution" during the next election, Cheney said.

  • "I expressed my view that having Mike Johnson as speaker, and having this Republican majority in charge, you can't count on them to defend the constitution at this moment," she added.
  • Earlier this week, Cheney told CNN that Johnson posed a "significant threat" to democracy in light of his actions to lead an amicus brief signed by more than 100 House Republicans supporting a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2020 election results in four swing states.

Zoom out: Cheney was a longtime vocal critic of Trump and was ultimately booted from her leadership position in the Republican party as a result of her views.

  • Asked about a potential 2024 run, Cheney reiterated that she is considering her options.
  • "Certainly I'm not going to do something that has the impact of helping Donald Trump," she told ABC.
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