Jun 14, 2023 - Economy

EV charging networks jump on the Tesla bandwagon

Illustration of the Tesla logo being wrapped up in an EV charging cord.

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

Now that General Motors and Ford have pledged to adopt Tesla's electric vehicle (EV) charging standard, other industry players are lining up behind it too —  even faster than we predicted they would.

What's happening: Several major charging networks, including EVgo and ChargePoint, have jumped on board, saying they'll support the Tesla connector, too.

  • Notably missing: Electrify America, which so far isn't announcing a change. "We listen to our customers and continue to evaluate the market, including this development," the company said.

Why it matters: Having a universal charging standard — rather than one for Tesla and another for the rest of the EV industry — will make charging easier for consumers and accelerate EV adoption in the United States.

Yes, but: It's not just about adding a Tesla-style plug to existing infrastructure — which can be a little balky, as my husband and I discovered during our winter EV road trip.

  • The networks will have to improve their reliability and add seamless software, too, in order to match the dependability of Tesla's Supercharger network.

Flashback: Last year Tesla opened its proprietary technology to others — relabeling it as the "North American Charging Standard" — and urged the rest of the industry to adopt it.

  • It looks like that's starting to happen.
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