Updated Oct 23, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Liz Cheney warns that GOP "will splinter" if Trump is 2024 nominee

If Donald Trump becomes the nominee of the Republican Party in the 2024 election, "the party will shatter," Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said Sunday on "Meet the Press."

Driving the news: "The party has either to come back from where we are right now, which is a very dangerous and toxic place, or the party will splinter and there will be a new conservative party that rises," Cheney added.

Cheney, who co-chairs the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, said the committee will not allow former President Trump to turn his testimony to the panel into a “circus.”

  • "This isn't going to be his first debate against Joe Biden. [...] This is a far too serious set of issues," she said.
  • "We are going to proceed in terms of the questioning of the former president under oath. [...] It may take multiple days, and it will be done with a level of rigor and discipline and seriousness that it deserves.”

The big picture: Cheney, whose outward criticism of the former president has made her a pariah in the Republican Party, has signaled a possible presidential run in 2024, although she dodged a question about the possibility of running herself in the upcoming election.

  • "I am focused on what we gotta do to save the country from this dangerous moment we are in," she said. "Not right now on whether I would be a candidate or not."

Pressed to comment on the possibility of Donald Trump running for president in 2024, Cheney said: "We will do whatever it takes. He will not be president again."

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