Sep 8, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Bill Clinton to launch podcast for iHeartMedia


Photo: Alyssa Pointer/Pool/Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton will launch a podcast with iHeartMedia in early 2021, Deadline reports.

Why it matters: The 74-year-old Clinton will join a growing host of political figures who have launched podcasts or shows on streaming services in recent years, including his wife Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Ted Cruz, Andrew Yang and others.

What they're saying: "The show will be built on his gift for storytelling, his ability to explain complex issues in a relatable way and showcase his wide range of interests and well-known intellectual curiosity through conversations about the ideas and events that continue to shape his work and our world," the Clinton Foundation said in a statement.

Between the lines: Clinton has become an increasingly controversial figure in recent years amid the reckoning over the #MeToo movement and his ties with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Clinton has been accused by several women of sexual harassment and assault, which he has denied, and he was famously impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice after lying about his affair with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
  • A Clinton spokesperson said in a statement last year that the former president traveled on Epstein's plane on four occasions and visited his home and office once in 2002, but said he "knows nothing" about any of Epstein's crimes and added he had not spoken to Epstein "in well over a decade."
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