Why Trump fired Comey

Alex Brandon / AP

Details are being filled in on how and why President Trump decided to fire James Comey:

  • Washington Post: Trump was "increasingly agitated" by Comey's statements drawing attention to the Russia probe, "angry" that Comey wouldn't investigate leaks or his wiretapping claims and had "long questioned Comey's loyalty and judgement."
  • NY Times: Trump openly talked about firing Comey for a week — eventually coming up with a plan while watching the Sunday shows at Bedminster. Pence, McGahn and Kushner were on board, Priebus and Bannon more resistant.
  • CNN's Jake Tapper: "Comey's refusal to provide the president of any sort of assurance of personal loyalty," and his acceleration of the Russia probe.
  • WSJ: Beginning about three weeks ago, Comey started receiving daily instead of weekly updates on the Russia investigation as he became increasingly "concerned by information showing possible evidence of collusion."
  • Axios' Jonathan Swan: This was a POTUS-driven decision. Staff had almost zero impact, and the vast majority learned about it on TV.

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