What we're driving

What we're driving: Buick Regal TourX

In this image, a red Buick Regal TourX is parked on a snowy road.
Buick Regal TourX. Photo: GM

This week I’m driving a handsome station wagon, the Buick Regal TourX, which, if I had to guess, probably won’t be around for long. And that’s too bad, because it’s a very nice car.

The big picture: Sedans don’t sell any more in the U.S., and station wagons haven’t for decades — not since the Buick Roadmaster, popular in the 1940s and 50s. They’ve all been displaced by SUVs and crossovers.

What we're driving: Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise technology

Image of Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise hands-off highway driving system
The green light bar and icons tell the driver Super Cruise is engaged. Photo: Cadillac

This week I'm driving the 2019 Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise, GM's automated highway-driving technology.

Why it matters: Ignore the fact that GM recently announced plans to kill the CT6 sedan in favor of more popular crossovers and SUVs. What's important is that the Super Cruise technology will live on in all new Cadillacs starting in 2020. Plus, Cadillac will be GM's high-tech EV brand, starting in 2021.

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