Trump border wall

Billions from military projects could fund Trump's border wall

President Trump visiting Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina last year. The base faces more than $100 million in aircraft maintenance cuts. Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

After weeks of delay, the Defense Department on Monday provided Congress with a list of military construction projects that could see their funding diverted — about $12.9 billion in total — to pay for a border wall under Trump's declared national emergency.

Why it matters: The 400 construction projects affected are spread across 40 states and nearly 30 countries with a U.S. presence around the world, and they're often vitally important for local economies. That — along with the power of local news sources in their communities — could force lawmakers to rethink their position on how to move forward with overriding Trump's national security veto.

President Trump issues veto for emergency declaration rebuke

President Trump. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

President Trump vetoed the Congressional legislation on Friday afternoon, rejecting a resolution overturning his decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border.

Why it matters: 12 GOP Senators went on the record to condemn Trump over the southern border wall emergency funding — the first time Congress has successfully moved to block a presidential emergency declaration, per the AP. This is also the first veto of Trump’s presidency and sets him up at loggerheads with Senate Republicans. Congress is not expected to achieve the necessary votes to override a presidential veto, which would require two-thirds in both chambers. However, the Democratically controlled House is anticipated to vote to override the veto on March 26.

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