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World Health Organization gives mixed message on Ebola fight

Data: DRC Ministry of Health; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon, Harry Stevens/Axios

A week after the nonprofit group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) issued a warning that the fight against the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was on the verge of failing, the head of the World Health Organization provided a more upbeat message on Thursday.

Why it matters: This is the second-largest Ebola outbreak on record, and the WHO is taking the lead role in combatting it. How this organization views the response effort is critical to determining the course of this outbreak.

Ebola treatment center in the Congo attacked for the second time

Health workers in hazmat suits are seen inside the 'red zone' of an Ebola treatment centre, behind an orange barrier.
Health workers inside the 'red zone' of Butembo's Ebola treatment centre. Photo: John Wessels/AFP/Getty Images

An Ebola treatment center in Butembo, the epicenter of an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was attacked again by armed assailants on Saturday morning, the AP reports.

What's happening: One police officer was killed in Saturday's attack and the treatment center currently remains open, per the AP. The center reopened only 1 week ago after Doctors Without Borders (MSF) temporarily halted operations in Butembo following last month's attack.

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