Big Tech backlash

Ex-FCC chief: Big Tech should seize the chance to shape regulation

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
Former FCC ChairmanTom Wheeler speaks onstage at the 2016 Common Sense Media Awards in New York City. Photo: by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Common Sense Media.

Silicon Valley's move-fast-and-break-things model has succeeded, and former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it's Big Tech's responsibility — and opportunity — to work with policymakers to pick up the pieces.

Why it matters: Before his FCC tenure, Wheeler spent years as the top lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries as they made peace with federal rules. He's encouraging Big Tech to follow the same game plan — or else face messier policy regimes set by states and regulators abroad.

Big Tech can't shake its sneaky reputation

Big tech
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Big Tech is constantly reassuring the public and policymakers that its technology isn't being used to spy on its users.

Why it matters: Trust issues around technology companies persist in America. According to Pew Research Center, relatively few Americans trust major technology companies to consistently do what is right. And more than half (51%) think they should be regulated more than they are currently.