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Miriam Kramer
Jan 24, 2023 - Science

Light pollution's existential threat to astronomy

Illustration of a light dimmer sliding down and revealing a starry sky behind it
Miriam Kramer
Jan 17, 2023 - Science

The JWST is already upending our understanding of the early universe

Photo illustration of a black and whtie galaxy with a spotlight revealing a brightly colored area.
Miriam Kramer
Jan 12, 2023 - Science

JWST confirms its first alien planet, and it's the size of Earth

Artist's illustration of a planet rising with its bright, red star in the background
Miriam Kramer
Jan 11, 2023 - Science

Russia will send a rescue spacecraft to bring ISS crew home

A view of the Earth from the ISS
Miriam Kramer
Jan 10, 2023 - Science

The power center in space moves to the Moon

Illustration of the moon shaped like a target
Miriam Kramer
Jan 3, 2023 - Science

Private human spaceflight's future hangs on looming regulation

Illustration of an astronaut with luggage
Miriam Kramer
Updated Jan 1, 2023 - Science

The year we got to know the universe better

Illustration of a mortar board with a galaxy pattern on top
Herb Scribner
Dec 21, 2022 - Science

This NASA lander mission to Mars is over. Here's why

Artist rendering of the InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) robotic lander.
Miriam Kramer
Dec 15, 2022 - Science

Scientists confirm JWST has found the earliest galaxies yet seen

A survey of galaxies in various colors