Jul 25, 2019

Samsung's delayed Galaxy Fold to ship in September, after changes


Samsung announced Wednesday night that it will begin shipping its delayed Galaxy Fold smartphone in September, after making changes to the device.

Why it matters: The nearly $2,000 smartphone was supposed to usher in a whole new era of foldable devices. However, Samsung delayed the launch after reviewers found their units failed within days.

The company said it made several changes, including

  • Extending the top protective layer of the phone's inner displays so users know that it is not a removable screen protector.
  • "Additional reinforcements" to better protect the device from external particles.
  • The top and bottom of the hinge have been straightened and additional layers placed underneath the display.

"All of us at Samsung appreciate the support and patience we’ve received from Galaxy fans all over the world," Samsung said in a blog post.

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Samsung aims for high note with latest smartphone

Samsung's Note 10. Photo: Ina Fried/Axios

Samsung introduced its latest Galaxy Note smartphones on Wednesday. Among the new features are improved video editing controls, augmented reality doodling and what Samsung is calling "Air Actions"— gestures made using the digital pen to control the camera and other apps.

Why it matters: Samsung's Note customers are its most loyal and demanding, and the high end remains the most lucrative part of the U.S. smartphone market. But the industry is finding it increasingly tough to make phones that are better than the pretty darn good ones most people already have.

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Google and Samsung preview their next slate of iPhone competitors

Screenshot via YouTube

Both Google and Samsung shared details Monday about their next phones ahead of their official announcements, bringing the rest of the fall hardware lineup that will compete with the new iPhones into focus.

Our thought bubble: These companies have experienced enough leaks to know their smartphone secrets won't keep. Announcing key features builds excitement and lets the companies help influence the narrative.

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The Milky Way in 3D

A map of the Milky Way made using the distribution of pulsing stars. Credit: J. Skowron/OGLE/Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw

A new 3D map of the Milky Way reveals the structure of our galaxy as never before, according to a study published this week in the journal Science.

Why it matters: By modeling the Milky Way, scientists can piece together the galaxy’s history, explaining why it looks the way it does and placing it in context with other galaxies observed around our own.

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