Jul 2, 2019

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is filming a campaign documentary

Photo: Joshua Lott for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Story Syndicate, a new production company founded by veteran filmmakers Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan, is creating a documentary on Mayor Pete Buttigieg, according to sources with knowledge of the film.

Why it matters: Buttigieg becomes the latest millennial politician to turn to docs to define his legacy as an unlikely political challenger. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has both gotten involved with documentaries about their rise to political stardom.

The details: The independently backed documentary details Buttigieg's rise to national attention, chronicling his stops on the campaign trail.

  • Crews have already begun filming at several of Buttigieg's campaign events, and attended the first Democratic debate in Miami to gather footage.
  • The film at this point has not landed at any one streaming or entertainment company.
  • Sources say its future is contingent on the outcome of Buttigieg's campaign.

Be smart: For younger politicians looking to challenge incumbents, documentaries create an easy way to establish their narratives, before an incumbent does it for them.

  • It also allows them to cement their story within the library of a streaming service, where most young voters are spending increasingly large portions of their media diets.

The big picture: Film has become a hot tool for politicians to establish influence, even once leaving office. Incumbent politicians like former President Obama, and reportedly Hillary Clinton, are racing to produce films as an outlet to extend their influence after their Washington careers have expired.

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