May 21, 2024 - News

Surprise costs muddy EV and gas competition

Illustration of an EV charging cable making a confused face

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

πŸ‘‹ Selene here, back with more EV misadventures.

State of charge: I did the math, and if I'm going to keep laughing at gas-pumpers I've got to be smarter.

  • I'm only paying around $10 to fill up from "empty" on my home charger, whereas current gas prices in the area would cost me $52 to fill up my old Subaru.

Yes, but: The spike in my insurance β€” $115 more per month β€” is wiping out what I'm saving.

If you're wondering: I paid $640.93 for the charger recommended by "Car and Driver" and Amazon, plus $275 to install the outlet in my garage.

Friction point: Occasional public charging also put me over budget.

  • I paid for three $25 fast-charging sessions when I visited Tallahassee last month. I could have skipped one of those and used a free slow charger.

I save by charging during off-peak hours, and my home charger is fairly slow.

  • So, when I forgot to plug in recently and had to run downtown for a story, I got worried my car would die on the road.
  • To use one of the only free slow chargers working downtown, I had to pay $10 to get into the garage. Not worth it.

The bottom line: You all need to get EVs so I can start saving money.


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