Jun 10, 2024 - Food and Drink

New report: Richmonders "like to sleep in" for breakfast

Illustration of an alarm clock made from a dinner plate

Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios

Richmonders are not morning people, at least not when it comes to dining out for breakfast.

State of play: 55% of Richmond residents' breakfast transactions at full-service restaurants happen between 10am–11am, an hour later than the national average, according to a new report from Toast.

  • More than 450 independently owned Richmond restaurants use the digital point-of-sale system for restaurants, per the company's website.

Zoom in: Residents in the majority of U.S. cities are dining between 9am–11am, with a heavier emphasis on that 9am–10am window, especially at full-service restaurants, Toast's data shows.

  • West Coasters are the earliest of early bird diners, starting at 5am. In San Francisco, nearly half of full-service restaurant diners have eaten and are done by 9am.
  • But not Richmonders, who "especially like to sleep in if they're going out to breakfast," the report notes.

By the numbers: 23% of Richmonders breakfast at service restaurants between 9am–10am.

  • 14% between 8am–9am; 6% between 7am–8am; and just 2% from 6am–7am.

Worth noting: Richmonders manage to dine a little earlier at quick-service restaurants, but barely.

  • At the drive-thru, 30% of local diners manage to make it between 9am and 10am, but the biggest chunk (31%) still doesn't make it before 10am.

Fun fact: (And restaurants, take note) Saturday, not Sunday, is the busiest day of the week for breakfast dining. That's when 19% of all weekly breakfast dining happens at full-service restaurants, vs. 17% on Sundays. (Quick -service sees more, too).


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