Jun 28, 2022 - Food and Drink

Taste testing Richmond's only sandwich cake

An elaborate cake topped with eggs, shrimp, salmon and greens.

Cake or sandwich? Photo: Ned Oliver/Axios

Ingrid Schatz is best known for her Swedish pastries, but last weekend the Chesterfield County baker's menu featured a wild card: the sandwich cake.

What's happening: Schatz, a half-Swedish mother of two, operates Axelsdotter Bakery out of her home in Chesterfield.

  • After she put sandwich cake on her rotating weekly menu last year, she says it became her most requested item.
  • And last weekend, she finally put it back on her menu again.

Schatz describes sandwich cake, or Smörgåstårta, as a Swedish delicacy.

  • "They are quite the celebration food in Sweden, and while I don't fully know the history of them, I can only assume that they are born from the Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches," she tells Axios.
  • Her version contains a shrimp-dill salad and a smoked-salmon egg salad between layers of sandwich bread.
  • It's iced with whipped cream cheese and topped with greens, eggs, shrimp and all kinds of other stuff, including a single snap pea placed just so.
Photo: Ned Oliver/Axios

The verdict: It tastes great. I snagged one this weekend ($50) after my wife showed me a picture on Instagram.

  • I spent most of my week thinking about eating it and was worried there was no way it could match expectations.
  • It was as good as it looks. This is not a case of form over function. Cut a slice, and you suddenly have a super tasty tea sandwich on your plate.
  • My friends and I liked how light it was and marveled that it had somehow held up to the mayo-based salads without becoming a soggy mess.
Photo: Ned Oliver/Axios

Only one taster wasn't into it: a friend's 3-year-old who was expecting normal cake.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to remove a redundant clause about Schatz's reputation for Swedish pastries.


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