Jun 10, 2024 - News

🤑 Don't California our coffee prices

A map showing the average price of a cup of coffee at restaurants on the Toast platform. In general, the coasts have the highest prices, topping out at $4.98 in Hawaii and $3.88 in California. The Great Plains have the lowest prices, at $2.12 in Nebraska and $2.56 in Montana. The U.S. average is $3.08.
Data: Toast; Map: Axios Visuals

The average cup of joe will run you more than $3.50 in Arizona, per a new analysis by restaurant tech company Toast.

The big picture: That's 43 cents higher than the national average and dangerously close to our notoriously overpriced neighbor California, where the average cup is $3.88 — the highest in the continental U.S.

Why it matters: Inflation can seem most frustrating when it hits our everyday staples.

Between the lines: Prices get crazier if you want a fancier drink.

  • The average Arizona latte is $5.59 and a cold brew clocks in at $5.51.

Zoom out: You'll find the cheapest coffee in Nebraska, at $2.12.


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