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Meet gubernatorial candidate Curtis Hill

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Hill was attorney general from 2017-21. Photo: Zach Gibson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As Hoosiers cast ballots in the gubernatorial primaries between now and May 7, Axios asked candidates in the crowded GOP field about their views on top policy issues, Indianapolis and how they'd run the state.

Who's up: Curtis Hill, the former Elkhart County prosecutor who served as Indiana's attorney general from 2017-2021.

  • Hill, 63, was not selected as the Republican party's AG candidate for the 2020 election amid concerns about fitness for office that stemmed from 2018 groping allegations and a subsequent law license suspension.

🌱 Should Indiana legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes?

No, until the FDA conducts clinical trials and provides scientific evidence on the efficacy of marijuana.

💰 Do you think Indiana's road funding formula is fair?

The road funding formula in Indiana is complex and should be reviewed periodically for proportionality to ensure fair allocation. There will always be a disparity between Indianapolis, central Indiana, and the more rural communities, and our funding should not purposely pick winners and losers. Among key metrics for review should be traffic count and maintenance schedules.

🧐 Is the IEDC transparent enough?


⚖️ The state legislature has waded into a lot of local issues recently. Are you comfortable with the balance between local control and state intervention in local decisions?

The legislature should stay out of local decisions absent a compelling state interest in a local matter.

🛣️ Would you support a state takeover of Washington and Meridian streets?


ğŸŽ’ Is school choice working for Indianapolis kids and families?

School choice is working for some families but not all families. School choice is a good thing and will necessarily continue. However, parents need good choices, not just more choices.

👪 Should FSSA maintain the attendant care program, or are changes to reduce costs necessary?

The attendant care program should not be scuttled as the scapegoat for a $1 billion budget shortfall. Like any program with state government, there should be an annual review and determination of necessity and/or cost-effectiveness. If, during that review process, it is determined that cuts in the programming or elimination are in order, so be it. If, however, it is determined that funding is appropriate and allocated, so be it.

📈 What's one state agency that would function better at the end of your four-year term?

I anticipate success across the board with special emphasis on the public safety sector.

🧑‍💼 In 25 words or less, how would you pitch Indiana to the young, educated workers the state needs to keep and recruit more of?

My economic plan includes a young earners tax credit, which would give young people more money to build their lives in Indiana.

🏫 What's Indiana's biggest challenge right now?

There is a lack of truth and transparency.

🐘 Republicans have had control at the Statehouse and in the governor's office for much of the last two decades, yet you've raised concerns about the state's tax structure, our workforce, the infant and maternal mortality rates, among other issues. Do Indiana Republicans bear any responsibility for these challenges? If so, what would you do differently?

Yes. Establishment politicians have sold out their constituents in the name of big business and economic development. We will tell the truth like we've done on the campaign trail, letting Hoosiers know that the BMV has been selling their private information without consent.

🥰 If you're elected governor, you'd be an Indianapolis resident. What's something you'd look forward to about living here?

Shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo's.

🏖️ What's your favorite vacation spot in Indiana?

French Lick.

☝️ If a voter knows only one thing about you, what do you want it to be?

I am a man of faith with a proven record of fighting for what is right.

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