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🍕 The ultimate Boston-area pizza guide

A perfect slice of pepperoni pizza from Armando's Pizza and Subs in Cambridge.

A slice of pepperoni from Armando's. Photo: Steph Solis/Axios

👋 Steph here. For five years, I have traversed the Boston area in search of pizzerias that replicate the magic of a New York slice.

Who am I to question our institutions? Well, I'm a fatty from New Jersey with nearly three decades of pizza-eating under my belt.

  • Today, we start with three solid choices: Armando's Pizza & Subs, Florina Pizzeria & Paninoteca and Galleria Umberto.
A Sicilian slice of pizza with a massive extra blob of mozzarella from Armando's in Cambridge.
Don't let the ugly glob of mozzarella fool you. The Sicilian slice from Armando's was solid. Photo: Steph Solis/Axios

Armando's Pizza & Subs

The first time I visited Armando's in Cambridge, the owner was juggling back-to-back phone calls with to-go orders from regulars stopping in five minutes after opening.

  • I quickly learned why.

What I ordered: A slice of pepperoni and a Sicilian slice.

  • What I got: The closest thing to a New York slice in the Boston area — a slightly greasy thin crust that held together a proper ratio of well-seasoned sauce, cheese and pepperoni.
  • Also, a solid Sicilian slice — a crunchy, but airy crust with more sauce and a generous heap of cheese.

Price: $3.75 for the pepperoni slice; $4.50 for Sicilian. Cash only.

A slice of pepperoni pizza from Florina on Beacon Hill.
A slice of pepperoni (AKA two slices) from Florina. Photo: Steph Solis/Axios

Florina Pizzeria & Paninoteca

Depending on the day, the time and the way the wind blows, Florina on Beacon Hill serves either the best pizza in Boston or a greasy, flimsy mess.

What I ordered: A massive pepperoni slice and a Sicilian.

  • What I got: A thin crust that held its own, but the pepperoni could have used some extra sauce.
  • Also, a margherita pizza Sicilian slice (they didn't have regular cheese). No sauce, which was disappointing, but the crust was A+.

Price: $4.25 for the pepperoni; $4.75 for the Sicilian.

The bottom line: I've had excellent pizza from Florina on other visits, but you can't be the best around Boston when your pies are inconsistent.

A Sicilian slice from Galleria Umberto in Boston's North End.
The Sicilian slice from Galleria Umberto. Photo: Steph Solis/Axios

Galleria Umberto

Galleria Umberto in the North End doesn't fall into the New York-style pizza category, but its taste and price make it worth trying.

What I ordered: A Sicilian slice (that's the only pizza they sell).

  • What I got: A thin crust for Sicilian, but it held a generous helping of charred cheese and tomato sauce.

Price: $2.25. Cash only.

More slices later this week. Bookmark our guide.


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