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The end of shame

Illustration of a paper bag with a smiley face sticker over the head of a man in a suit
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Resigning in shame isn't really a thing anymore. Hanging on for dear life, and hoping everyone will forget about your scandal, is the new thing.

Why it matters: It's not just Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. It's a growing group of elected officials who are still hanging around despite scandals that would have been considered fatal in the past. That's a sign of our shorter attention spans and the lightning speed of today's news cycles — but it's also a sign of how our standards have changed.

Trump gives Ronny Jackson a new job

Ronny Jackson in a meeting on Capitol Hill
Jackson at a meeting on Capitol Hill in April. Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

President Trump announced on Saturday that he has appointed Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, the former VA secretary nominee who withdrew in April after being accused of alcohol abuse and overprescription of medication, to serve as his chief medical adviser.

Between the lines: The appointment — buried in a long list of other personnel announcements — shouldn't be a total surprise. Jackson couldn't survive the allegations by congressional Democrats at the time, but as Axios' Jonathan Swan has reported, he was always well-liked within the White House. But CNN reports that Trump is also going one step further — pushing for him to get a second star — even while the Pentagon is still investigating his behavior.

This is why the shutdown won't end

Reproduced from Pew Research Center; Note: Survey of U.S. adults. In 2018 the survey question changed from do you favor "building a wall along the entire border with Mexico" to "substantially expanding the wall along the border with Mexico"; Chart: Axios Visuals
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