May 8, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Biden presses cash, staffing advantage against Trump

President Biden in a dark suit, shown from the shoulders up.

Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Biden's team is continuing its surge in swing-state staffing and ads this month, with dozens of new hires and an eight-figure ad buy, the campaign announced Wednesday.

Why it matters: With Donald Trump stuck in a courtroom and behind in fundraising, the Biden campaign is looking to take advantage before Trump's team can get up to speed.

Driving the news: Biden's campaign said it plans to have more than 500 staffers and 200 offices in several key states by the end of May.

  • Biden's team also said it would follow its six-week, $30 million ad buy in March and April with a $14 million ad buy in May.
  • Trump's campaign and its affiliated super PAC have largely stayed off TV since he became the presumed GOP nominee, and are scrambling to make up their cash deficit.

In Biden's new ad buy, the first two ads focus on Trump's record of restricting abortion rights.

Reality check: Despite Biden spending more than $30 million on ads in March and April and many millions before that, Trump is ahead in most swing-state polls, which typically cover Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and sometimes North Carolina.

  • There are signs Biden has closed the gap in recent weeks, but at least in polls, Trump is in a far stronger position than he was at this point in the race four years ago.
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