Mar 6, 2024 - Technology

IBM tests Adobe's Firefly for personalized marketing at scale

A screenshot of question marks made up of flowers using Adobe Firefly.

Image: Adobe

IBM has been using Adobe's Firefly to produce marketing materials and found the AI image generator produced higher engagement than non-AI campaigns, according to a case study being released today and shared first with Axios.

Why it matters: While interest in generative AI is high among companies, many are still trying to decide if the tools save time and money and are reliable enough for corporate use.

Driving the news: IBM used Firefly in an early pilot test to generate 200 images with more than 1,000 variations, and found that the AI-generated campaign produced 26 times higher engagement than its benchmark for such efforts.

The big picture: Business use of generative AI raise squestions around cost, effectiveness and safety, both in terms of brand safety and legal issues. Adobe and others help address the legal concerns by indemnifying businesses who use their products, while it is touting IBM's experience as early evidence that such campaigns can be effective.

What they're saying: IBM VP Ari Sheinkin says Firefly offers a way to produce more personalized marketing and frees up workers for more creative tasks.

  • "Generative AI provides us a path to effectively scale these efforts," Sheinkin said in a statement.

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