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McDonald's doubles down with Double Big Mac

McDonald's Double Big Mac on white background and then placed on pink background

McDonald's Double Big Mac returns for the first time since 2020 to participating U.S. restaurants. Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's

Fast food is getting bigger in 2024 with the return of McDonald's Double Big Mac.

Why it matters: Calorie-rich, indulgent foods and snacks continue to grow despite the rise of diabetes and weight management drugs like Ozempic.

  • Appetite-suppressing injectable treatments, known as GLP-1 agonists, help curb cravings for high-fat and sugary foods, which analysts say could impact fast-food chains and food companies as they become more popular.

What's happening: McDonald's Double Big Mac will be available for a limited time starting Wednesday, Jan. 24.

  • The burger has four burger patties, Big Mac sauce, pickles, lettuce, onions and American cheese versus two patties on the regular Big Mac.
  • The Double Big Mac arrives two days after Subway released a trio of footlong snacks and follows Costco's new giant cookie that packs 750 calories.

Flashback: The big burger first appeared on menus in 1993 and was last available in 2020, the fast-food giant told Axios.

  • It has gone by different names over the years, including Monster Mac and Double Mac.

Double Big Mac calories and nutrition

The nutrition information for the Double Big Mac, posted on the McDonald's mobile app, shows the burger has 780 calories with 48 grams of fat.

  • The regular Big Mac has 590 calories and 34 grams of fat.
  • The nutrition information is just for the sandwich and doesn't include fries or a soda.

Double Big Mac price

The Double Big Mac's price and availability vary by restaurant location.

  • Axios found the Double Big Mac was $6.99 at an Atlanta restaurant ($10.99 as a meal), $7.09 at a Miami location ($10.59 for a meal) and $7.99 at a Manhattan location ($12.39 for a meal).

Editor's note: This story was updated with the Double Big Mac's nutrition and pricing.

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