Dec 4, 2023 - Technology

Exclusive: Runway incorporates Getty Images into its AI generated video

Runway CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela, speaking with Ryan Heath at the Axios AI+DC Summit in November

Runway CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela, speaking with Ryan Heath at the Axios AI+DC Summit in November. Photo: Eric Lee/Axios

AI startup Runway has reached a deal with Getty Images that will allow the company to offer a more "commercially safe" version of its text-to-video engine, executives from both companies tell Axios.

Why it matters: There's a growing push by AI c0mpanies to offer options for businesses with greater legal protections against copyright claims.

  • Both Adobe and Getty Images have stressed that their generative AI engines have been trained on licensed content. Getty debuted its text-to-image service in September, while Adobe has added generative AI tools throughout the year, both within existing products and under the Firefly moniker.
  • Some engines trained more broadly have also offered to indemnify customers against copyright claims. OpenAI, for example, said at its November DevDay that it will offer legal protections to enterprise and API customers.

Between the lines: Runway's partnership with Getty is designed to target businesses that want to combine their intellectual property with an AI engine without fear of copyright lawsuits.

  • Some key details of the Runway-Getty service, such as pricing, have yet to be announced.
  • For now, Runway is working directly with enterprise customers and currently has a waiting list, though Runway CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela said there may be a more self-service option down the road.

What they're saying: Valenzuela said the Runway-Getty model provides businesses something akin to a prefabricated house that they can then customize, including with their own style, products and characters.

  • "Most of the time it won't do 100 percent of the job," Valenzuela said in an interview. "It does 90 percent and then you change what you want."

Getty chief product Officer Grant Farhall told Axios that Getty's generative AI text-to-image tool has shown that it's possible to create "high quality, effective AI generative models from a set of content and data that is responsibly sourced."

  • "Now we're gonna prove it again with Runway for video," Farhall said.
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