Aug 16, 2023 - Politics & Policy

All the President's Men, nearly 50 years apart: Nixon and Trump front pages

Photo: New York Times/Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If news is the first rough draft of history, then this week's front pages won't be quickly forgotten.

Why it matters: On Monday, former President Donald Trump made history as the first U.S. president to be indicted not just once, but in four separate cases.

Driving the news: A Georgia grand jury capped off a years-long investigation by indicting Trump and 18 allies in the most sweeping and complex case yet against the former president.

  • The next day's front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured portraits of Trump and his associates centered below a bold, uppercase headline.

The iconic A1 recalls another historic newspaper front page, one from nearly 50 years ago: the Mar. 2, 1974, edition of the New York Times announcing a grand jury's indictment of seven aides to then-President Nixon.

It marked a peak in the Watergate scandal that would, just months later, lead to Nixon's resignation.

For the record, here's Wednesday's NYT front page, also featuring photos of those charged in Georgia.

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