May 25, 2023 - Politics & Policy

DeSantis PAC adds fake fighter jets to launch video

Video image of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis waving as fighter jets fly above.

Image from "A President for the People" video, as seen on YouTube

The super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign altered footage to include the sound and sight of fighter jets flying over the Florida governor in its video promoting his campaign launch.

Why it matters: It’s the latest instance of political ads including digitally altered videos to promote or attack candidates, making it difficult for viewers to discern what’s real.

What they’re saying: The PAC did not deny altering the footage but responded to Axios' questions by focusing on the video's larger message.

  • Communications director Erin Perrine told Axios: “The ‘President for the People’ video encapsulates the mounting issues facing our nation caused by Joe Biden, and how Governor Ron DeSantis will stand up to the challenge, beat Biden, and turn our country around.
  • "This message and this election is so important for all Americans.”

Between the lines: The DeSantis PAC is a key part of his campaign, even though they cannot legally coordinate with each other.

  • Never Back Down has defended the Florida governor in recent months as he faced relentless attacks by former President Trump, DeSantis' rival for the Republican nomination.

The group’s leadership told The New York Times this week that they plan to raise $200 million and hire 2,600 field organizers by the fall.

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