Mar 3, 2023 - Economy

CEO pipeline threatened by burnout

Data: Fortune; Chart: Axios Visuals

Women leaders now run more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies, a milestone in the list's 68-year history.

Why it matters: Further progress is at risk as burnout rises among senior-level women, shrinking the C-suite pipeline.

  • Companies, including Amazon and Goldman Sachs, are trying to combat an exodus of female executives with programs called "returnships," which focus on making jobs more appealing to women and people who have left the workforce, Jonnelle Marte writes in Bloomberg.

Zoom out: Globally, worker burnout is at a new high, with women more likely than men to report levels of mental and physical exhaustion.

  • During the pandemic, women leaders left their companies at the highest rate in years.
  • Being overworked and under-recognized ranked among the top reasons for their exits, research from McKinsey and has found.

What to watch: Greater acceptance of flexible work arrangements may help reduce burnout, along with access to paid family and caretaking leave.

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