Nov 13, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Midterm election results showed rejection of extremism: Sununu

The outcome of the midterm elections was a rejection of extremism, Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Why it matters: Election deniers, political violence and other forms of extremism at large threaten democracy, but Democrats securing control of the U.S. Senate for another two years means that voters are saying "enough is enough," Sununu said.

Driving the news: Sununu was reelected as governor for a fourth time on Tuesday.

What he's saying: When asked about what led to his victory, Sununu said “candidate quality matters.”

  • “You know there's a sense of extremism that I think a lot of Republicans were painted with, rightfully or not.”
  • “Obviously, you had all this other national stuff happening that I think scared a lot of folks — this extremism that's out there."
  • "That’s what this was. This was just a rejection of that extremism.”
  • “I don’t think anyone likes the policies out of D.C.,” he added. “We can work on these policies later, but as Americans, we got to fix extremism right now.”

The big picture: Even in a hyperpartisan era, the quality of individual candidates clearly still matters, Axios' Sophia Cai reports.

Yes, but: It's not just Republicans. Voters view top Democrats as just as extreme, which means the party will need to make major changes to its brand to avoid another potential wipeout in 2024, Axios' Mike Allen reports.

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