Sep 22, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Non-existent Jan. 6 report is hot with publishers


Cover: Celadon Books

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) — one of the most visible members of the Jan. 6 committee — will write an epilogue to the committee's future report, in an exclusive collaboration with The New Yorker and Celadon Books.

Why it matters: The book industry sees the report — not yet completed, with another hearing scheduled for Sept. 28 — as the hottest government document since "The Starr Report" in 1998.

Since the Jan. 6 report will be in the public domain, anyone can reprint it — there'll be countless versions.

  • The New Yorker volume — with an introduction by Editor David Remnick, and edited by Celadon executive editor Bill Hamilton — will be published instantly as an e-book and paperback.
  • Raskin, a constitutional scholar, was the lead manager in the second impeachment of former President Trump.

Axios AM showed you the cover of The New York Times' planned version of the report.

As Melber pointed out on his show, "The Beat," pay no attention to the publication dates on these books' preorder pages. Those are just placeholders: The committee has announced no release date.

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