Jul 28, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Trump administration to allow yearlong renewals for current DACA recipients

Donald Trump walking away from Marine One at the White House

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The Trump administration is allowing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients to renew their protections under the program for one year as officials begin a review of DACA and how the administration attempted to end it, a senior administration official announced Tuesday.

Between the lines: Despite the Supreme Court ruling that Trump illegally ended the Obama-era program in June and a federal judge ruling earlier this month that it must be restored to its full status, the administration will continue to reject new applications, according to the official.

  • A more detailed memo is expected later Tuesday.
  • DACA renewals typically extend for two years — not just one.

"These actions will limit the scope of the program while DHS and the administration review its legality, justifications for a possible wind down and other considerations relevant to deciding whether to keep or wind down the DACA policy," the senior administration official said.

  • The official added that the administration expects to face legal challenges.

The big picture: President Trump and key immigration enforcement leaders have lambasted the court's June decision.

  • Trump tweeted the day after that the administration would be "submitting enhanced papers shortly in order to properly fulfill the Supreme Court’s ruling & request of yesterday."
  • But over the past few weeks, as Axios reported, the White House has been eyeing the same decision as inspiration for a series of controversial executive actions —including one that would offer some kind of protections for DACA recipients.

What's next: The review process means that DACA will likely be in place — at least for current recipients — through Election Day, meaning that its ultimate fate could be decided at the ballot box in November.

Read a memo on the new policy.

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