Feb 3, 2020 - Technology

Intel drops AI products from Nervana, shifts focus to Habana

The Intel logo and a processor chip in a photo.

Photo: Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Intel is dropping development of the line of neural network processors it acquired through its $400 million purchase of AI chipmaker Nervana in 2016.

Why it matters: The move comes amid continued competition from Nvidia and others and follows Intel's purchase in December of Habana Labs, another startup in the AI chip space.

  • An Intel representative told Axios the company wants to focus on a single product line and will build on Habana's technology going forward.
  • "The Habana product line offers the strong, strategic advantage of a unified, highly-programmable architecture for both inference and training," Intel said.
  • The company will continue supporting the current chip running Nervana's technology, known as Spring Hill, but is canceling work on a follow-up known as Spring Crest.

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