Dec 11, 2019 - World

DOJ inspector general says he found no evidence of "deep state" bias against Trump

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said at a hearing Wednesday that his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe found "no testimonial or documentary evidence" for the assertion that there was a "deep state conspiracy" within the FBI to take down candidate or President Trump.

The exchange:

SEN. FEINSTEIN: "So your report states that you didn't find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation played a role."
HOROWITZ: "That's correct."
SEN. FEINSTEIN: "And you didn't find a 'deep state' conspiracy against candidate or President Trump."
HOROWITZ: "As to the opening, we found no bias, no testimonial or documentary evidence on that."
SEN. FEINSTEIN: "And no rationale for a 'deep state?'"
HOROWITZ: "We looked at Mr. Priestap, who was the decision maker, and we didn't find any evidence in his email or texts of having engaged in any bias or having any bias."

Why it matters: Even after the release of Horowitz's report, which found extensive wrongdoing in the FBI's surveillance process but no evidence of political bias, Trump and his allies have continued to cling to allegations that the Russia investigation was an attempt by Obama administration holdovers to take down his presidency.

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