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White House answers for Trump's weekend tweets

Sanders at the podium. Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders faced questions from reporters Tuesday after President Trump spent the weekend tweeting several times about the Russia probe and the Parkland school shooting.

Quote"It's very clear that Russia meddled in the election ... It's also very clear that the Trump campaign didn't collude with the Russians."
— Sarah Sanders

On the Russia probe:

  • Trump didn't mean that the FBI missed the tip regarding the Florida shooter because the Bureau was preoccupied with the Russia investigation, though he linked the two, Sanders said.
  • "The president has been extremely tough on Russia." He has taken “a number of actions against Russia ... Obama was too weak," Sanders said.

On the Florida shooting:

  • The White House will hold a listening session on Wednesday with members of the Parkland community and individuals affected by the Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings to discuss safety in schools.
  • "The president supports not having the use of bump stocks ... We expect further action on that in the coming days."

On White House staffers:

  • "No decision within the memo will impact anything that Jared Kushner is working on," she said, referring to Chief of Staff John Kelly's changes to the White House security clearance process in the wake of Rob Porter's exit.
  • Trump still has confidence in national security adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster though he sent a tweet criticizing McMaster's public comments on the latest Mueller indictments.
Dave Lawler 7 hours ago
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What Trump and Putin did and didn't discuss

President Trump spoke with Vladimir Putin this afternoon, and congratulated him on winning re-election on Sunday. After the call, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked whether Trump felt the election had been free and fair, and said it wasn’t up to the U.S. to “dictate" how Russia holds elections.

The bottom line: Trump is not alone in congratulating Putin — leaders in France, Germany and elsewhere have done so this week, as Barack Obama did in 2012. But past administrations certainly have seen it as America’s role to call balls and strikes when it comes to elections abroad, and weigh in when democratic institutions are being undermined. A departure from that approach would be welcomed not only by Putin, but other leaders of pseudo democracies around the world.

Haley Britzky 3 hours ago
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Sixth explosion rattles Austin

Police and FBI Agents investigate at the Sunset Valley FedEx store in Austin, Texas, which is linked to the package bomb.
Police and FBI Agents investigate at the Sunset Valley FedEx store in Austin, Texas, which is linked to the package bomb. Photo: Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP / Getty Images

Officials are responding to a sixth explosion in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday night, the Austin American-Statesman reports. This is the latest in a string of recent explosions that span across the city.

The details: Per the Statesman, the explosion occurred at a Goodwill and one man is being treated for "potentially serious injuries." It is not clear at the moment whether this explosion is related to the latest package bombs.