surprise medical bills

14% of hospital visits include the most common form of a surprise bill

New data from the Health Care Cost Institute tries to pin down just how often patients end up with the most common form of a surprise hospital bill — the kind that arises when patients go to a hospital that's in their insurance network, but are seen by a doctor who's out-of-network.

By the numbers: Nationwide, about 14% of in-network hospital admissions included a bill for out-of-network care, per HCCI.

States looking to cap hospital rates

In this illustration, a needle forms part of an increasing green line that mimics a stock market line.
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Some states are trying to control health care costs by tying hospital payments in their state employee health plans to the amounts Medicare pays, Kaiser Health News reports.

The other side: This is a nightmare scenario for hospitals, which usually charge private insurance plans several times more than they get from Medicare.